Walking Away from the Bad Deal with Iran

The nuclear deal with Iran, signed in 2015, has been a complete disaster since it has not fulfilled its goals. Iran has not respected the spirit of the agreement, it has violated the UN Security Council Resolution 2331 - which adopted the nuclear deal -, it has continued to promote terrorism and to violate the human rights of its citizens, and it has been expanding its influence across the Middle East.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has compounded the problem, rather than solving it. Within ten years, Iran will have free hands to make atomic bombs. This situation is detrimental to the global security and also to the security interests of the United States.

The Trump Administration, which has the possibility to repeal the agreement and re-impose sanctions on Iran, has several options to put an end to this problem and build an efficient policy on Iran that guarantees the stability of the Middle East and quells its expansionist agenda.

In this report "Walking Away from the Bad Deal with Iran", authored by high-level experts on the matter, can be found several options to reverse this situation. (DOWNLOAD PDF)

From Friends of Israel Initiative, we do believe that now is the time to nix the JCPOA.

In addition, our Board Member Ambassador John Bolton has published several op-eds in the media explaining how to abrogate the JCPOA and start a more appropiate policy on Iran's nuclear threat. 


  • The Weekly Standard, October 4

    Trump Not Expected to Certify Iranian Compliance with the Nuclear Deal

    Move would give Congress 60 days to reimpose nuclear-related sanctions on the Islamic republic.

    2017-10-04 by Lee Smith

  • The National Interest, September 30

    Iran Wants America to Ignore Its Nuclear Ambitions

    Once the nuclear deal expires, Iran will ironically be much better positioned to move to nuclear weapons than it was before the deal was negotiated.

    2017-09-30 by Emily Landau

  • The Hill, September 11

    Iran deal devotees try in vain to save a sinking ship

    A deliverable nuclear-weapons capability in the hands of Tehran's ayatollahs and the Revolutionary Guards, religious extremists supported by a fascist military, could make another 9/11 far deadlier than the first. This is not the time to light candles to Obama's Iran nuclear deal, but to snuff them out.

    2017-09-11 by Ambassador John Bolton

  • National Review, August 28

    How to Get Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Ambassador John Bolton proposes a plan to abrogate the execrable nuclear deal with Iran.

    2017-08-28 by Ambassador John Bolton