The latest Iranian attack on Israeli soil should trigger a quick response of the West, because Western security is also at stake.

    Dispatch 43


    · Migrant Crisis in Israel: How to Give the Right Response

    · Op-eds and Media

    · Strategic Outlooks Series n.5:  Saudi Arabia and the New Regional Landscape: How Does Israel Fit In?

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  • Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital: The Right Move at The Right Moment

    President Trump's decision has normalized an indisputable reality: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Moreover , we strongly believe that this is also the beginning of a new, better phase in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and across the entire Middle East.

    Dispatch 42


    · Iran Protests: The People Against the Theocratic Regime

    · Op-eds and Media

    · Working Paper: "The Trump Administration's Next Moves on the Iran Nuclear Deal"

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  • A New Paradigm for Iran and the Middle East

    In order to curb Iran's expansionism, the targeting of the IRGC is a key measure. Western countries should take note and blacklist the entire organization as the U.S. has done. However, there is still much to do.

    Dispatch 41


    ·International Presentation of the High Level Military Group Report on Hizballah

    ·Jose Maria Aznar Receives the Shalom Peace Award


    ·Special Report: "Why the Allen Plan is Detrimental to Israel"


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  • It Is Time to Walk Away from the Bad Deal with Iran

    At the end of the day, the hard and inescapable truth is that the JCPOA does not fulfill its main goal: to avoid having a nuclear Iran.

    Dispatch 40


    • · Israel-Latam: A Needed Relationship
    • · Special Report: "Walking Away form the Bad Deal with Iran
    • · Op-eds on Israel's experience to fight terror and on the nuclear deal. 

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  • The Threat of a Third Lebanon War Cannot Be Underestimated

    An upcoming war against Israel might be near and in addition to the military front, a new campaign to undermine Israel's right to defend itself against terror will surely emerge. The Friends of Israel Initiative is ready to take on this unfair campaign and defend that Israel's right to self-defense against Islamic terrorism should be praised and not jeopardized in the West since Israel's security is our own security.

    Dispatch 39


    • · Netanyahu in India: A Historic Visit, an Exemplary Friendship
    • · Allen West in the 2017 Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit
    • · Brussels Presentation of FOII-sponsored landmark report: Fighting Terror Effectively: An Assessment of Israel Experience on the Home Front
    • · Op-ed on how to fight the Islamic terrorism by learning from Israel

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  • Peace between Israelis and Palestinians Is Not Easy to Achieve

    Israel should become a normal and accepted reality in the Middle East, otherwise no regional deal will have a chance to succeed. FIFA rejects to carrry out anti-Israel actions. Andrés Pastrana, former President of Colombia, joins Friends of Israel Initiative. The World Values Network Awards a Prize to Friends of Israel Initiative Chairman Jose Maria Aznar.

    Dispatch 38

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