• Friends of Israel Initiative meets with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

    On April 3, a Friends of Israel Initiative (FOII) delegation met with the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, at the UN headquarters in New York. The purpose of the meeting was to present Guterres an array of recommendations to stop and prevent anti-Israel bias in several UN organizations.

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  • The Need to Revert the Bad Effects of the Nuclear Deal with Iran

    The nuclear deal shows every day that it has been a disaster.

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  • The Paris Conference Has Been a Mere Waste of Time

    The Paris Conference has been yet another wasted opportunity to advance peace ? in sum, what a waste of time.

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  • USA, Israel and the Middle East: Time to Repair

    We hope that, above all, the Trump Administration will rebuild the diplomatic channels with Israel and that the bilateral relation will be strong and unbreakable again. That, for sure, will be essential to fix the broken Middle East ? and to guarantee a better future for the West.

    Dispatch 34

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  • UNESCO against Israel

    The UNESCO hence has lost its prestige as a custodian of the cultural heritage of the humankind, and it has sided politically with those who want to eradicate Israel?s position as a legitimate nation-State in the international community.

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  • The next occupant of the White House will have to, among other things, rethink the relationship with Israel, so rarefied over the past eight years. While the military, intelligence, and technological collaboration have grown between the two countries, the political relationship has gone through incomprehensible moments like this inexplicable incident after the funeral of Shimon Peres. Also, the next President will face a hard truth, Obama?s legacy in Israel and in the Middle East, in short, has not been positive, and he or she will have to understand that Israel?s struggle is the West?s struggle, and, in order to overcome all the common challenges and threats, the support to Israel has to be consistent.

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