José María Aznar All we want is a normal and reasonable conversation about Israel. Surely, that is not too much to ask.
José María Aznar
Being overgenerous to extremist groups is like giving sweets to a spoilt child in the hope that it will improve its behaviour – it usually results in worse actions.’
David Trimble

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Operation Update and Strategic Assessment

Operation Protective Edge Brief #6

 Securing a final ceasefire arrangement that will preclude Hamas’s ability to restore its terrorist infrastructure will not be the only major challenge facing Israel the day after OPE. Israel will most likely face mounting international

2014-07-29 by Friends of Israel Initiative

To save the Palestinians, Hamas must be eradicated

 I have no idea how many Arabs or Israelis will save their lives if Hamas ceases to exist, but I expect that it will be many tens of thousands. On the other hand, without Hamas, it will be a lot easier to create a Palestinian State next to Is

2014-07-26 by Carlos Alberto Montaner

The Times

Hamas human shields are to blame, not Israel

 Palestinian rockets are like the Nazi V1s. Civilian casualties were inevitable then and now.

2014-07-25 by Richard Kemp

Working Papers

ADDED VALUE: Israel's Strategic Worth to the European Union and its Member States Friends of Israel Initiative

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01 May 2014
10 April 2014

Celebrating Twenty Years of the Middle East Forum with Daniel Pipes

What does "if Israel falls, the West falls" mean, and why President Aznar believes it so.

30 January 2014

Report Launch: Added Value: Israel’s Strategic Worth to the EU and its Member States’

The Henry Jackson Society and The Friends of Israel Initiative in Report Launch ‘Added Value: Israel’s Strategic Worth to the EU and its Member States’

SPEAKER: José María Aznar, Former Prime Minister