The UNESCO and its bodies have been kidnapped by the international delegitimation campaign against the State of Israel that the Palestinian Authority and its allies have implemented over the last years.

In this regard, on April 15 and on October 13, UNESCO Executive Board passed two resolutions deliberately ignoring the Jewish People’s link to the Jerusalem Old City. Besides, the World Heritage Committee passed on October 26 a similar resolution which silenced again the Jewish character of Jerusalem and its Jewish holy sites.

To this concern, Friends of Israel Initiative has carried out two important actions: a letter to the UNESCO director general Ms. Irina Bokova to transmit her our strong condemnation the UNESCO’s attitude towards Israel, and to the World Heritage Committee chairperson Ms. Lale Ulkër asking her to reconsider the position of the body before the vote of the new resolution.

It is unacceptable that UNESCO, and its members, agree on vote and pass these kinds of resolutions. They insult to the entire Jewish people, and put the0 peace and coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians away.

Op-eds against UNESCO infamous resolutions