• Statement

    The West Must Act against the Iran's Growing Hostility in the Middle East

    The West should implement the correct measures to curb Iran's expansionism in the Middle East and to stop Hizballah's activities in Lebanon, Syria, and beyond.

    2018-02-15 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • The Times, February 12

    Failure to support Israel against Iran could end in war

    For years Israel has warned of the consequences of Tehran?s aggression, which could result in civilian deaths on a huge scale.

    2018-02-12 by Colonel Richard Kemp

  • The Spectator, January 24

    Britain needs to wake up to the threat from Hezbollah

    Hezbollah has become the world's premier terrorist entity - the only group of its kind capable of starting a major conventional war.

    2018-01-25 by Lord General Richard Dannatt

  • The Times, January 23

    We Must End This Appeasement and Ban Hezbollah

    The Foreign Office deludes itself that by appeasing Hezbollah it can influence the organisation. And that it will do its killing elsewhere. Instead this gives legitimacy to Hezbollah. Piling appeasement on appeasement, Britain and the rest of the EU hope to mollify Iran, the biggest state supporter of terrorism. They know designating Hezbollah would enrage the ayatollahs.

    2018-01-23 by Colonel Richard Kemp

  • Gatestone Institute, January 17

    The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Why No Peace?

    Some of the attacks occurred just when foreign representatives landed in Israel, "to prevent the revival of the peace talks." Mr. Jason Greenblatt should take that into consideration.

    2018-01-18 by Colonel Richard Kemp