• Report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Gaza Conflict 2014

    Speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council Geneva

    IDF made efforts, unprecedented in any other army, and exceeding the requirements of the laws of war, to save Palestinian civilian lives, including warning them to leave target zones, Hamas forced them to remain in those areas.

    2015-06-30 by Richard Kemp

  • Il Giornale, June 23, 2015

    Israel equalized to Hamas: the Usual Squint of the UN

    The Human Rights Council was interested in placing Israel side by side with Hamas in order to please with its assessment those who do not distinguish between democracy and dictatorship, defense and attack, and confuse terrorists with freedom fighters.

    2015-06-25 by Fiamma Nirestein

  • Former British Commander: Amnesty Report Will Incite Even More Hatred

    Amnesty has produced anti-Israel propaganda

     Amnesty has produced a distorted report that will be exploited as a tool to incite even more hatred.

    2014-03-05 by Richard Kemp

  • New York Post

    Letting Israel hang

    Article published by John Bolton, in the New York Post, June 7, 2010

    2010-06-07 by John Bolton