• Jerusalem Post, April 30

    Where is world outrage over Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul?

    Holding the bodies of soldiers killed in action and refusing their return to their next of kin for burial is a serious violation of the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law.

    2017-04-30 by Colonel Richard Kemp, Major General James Molan and Arsen Ostrovsky

  • The Australian, April 24

    Puppet-state Lebanon a pawn for ambitious Iran

    For the sake of another very small aspect of peace in the Middle East, and particularly for the sake of the Lebanese people, the world should act to split the Lebanese government from Hezbollah, even if it takes sanctions against the Lebanese government to do it.

    2017-04-24 by Major General Andrew James Molan

  • Reporteros Online, April 9

    Hezbollah: la Próxima Guerra

    No podemos abandonar a Israel. Defender a Israel no es solo un compromiso, si no también una obligación moral.

    2017-04-06 by Colonel Eduardo Ramírez

  • Interview with Colonel Richard Kemp

    International community ignoring Hezbollah threat to Israel

    "We want to highlight to the international community that unless something is done to prevent Hezbollah under direction of Iran from attacking Israel, and Israel will respond, and there will be civilian casualties and Israel will be condemned by the international community [this could happen, and we need] to give notice to the international community that this could happen, and that when it does happen the casualties are not Israel's fault but Hezbollah's."

    2017-04-01 by Jerusalem Post

  • Il Giornale, March 4

    A sparkling comet at the UN

    Since its foundation, Israel has received 228 condemn resolutions: the General assembly has condemned it 18 times in 2016 alone, and the Security Council 12 times. Not even Iran, Syria, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan summed together are on a par with the Jewish State.

    2017-03-04 by Fiamma Nirenstein

  • Tencent Dajia, February 21

    The centenary of the Balfour Declaration

    "A century on, the Declaration stands as a righteous blow for genius, development, progress and freedom. Foremost among the types of people who admire these phenomena are the Chinese, who should therefore also celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration."

    2017-02-22 by Professor Andrew Roberts

  • The Telegraph, February 13

    Nato needs to reform into a global alliance against Islamic terrorism - or become obsolete

    Yes, Mr President, we agree with you that Nato has become obsolete. But we believe you can make it relevant again. Your allies will follow.

    2017-02-13 by Rafael Bardaji and Colonel Richard Kemp

  • What is the real obstacle to peace?

    The truth about the Jewish settlements and Jerusalem

    The basic problem is the tenacious refusal of the Palestinian leadership -- both the one in Ramallah, the West Bank, linked to Al Fatah, and the one that controls the Gaza Strip, subordinated to Hamas -- to recognize the existence of the Jewish state and declare clearly that they are willing to live peacefully with their neighbors.

    2017-01-18 by Carlos Alberto Montaner