• Richard Kemp is interviewed by Michael Gurfinkel

    "The international community has blood on its hands."


    Islamist terrorists have no interest in protecting their civilian populations. They are happy to use them as human shields, to terrify them, to risk and to sacrifice their lives. Whatever happens, the terrorist who uses human shields wins. If he deters Western forces from attacking his terrorists and his munitions, then he scores a tactical victory. He can attack our troops with impunity.


  • Published in Israel Hayom, Tuesday June 23, 2015

    A War Against the Entire West


    Democratic armies -- those of Israel and the United States in particular -- work gallantly to hold civilian deaths to a minimum. But more and more they are being handicapped in fighting the war.

    2015-06-24 by Rafael Bardaji and Joseph Raskas

  • AMIA

    Why we all must be Nisman

    We all must be Nisman because the AMIA crime must not remain unpunished, just as Alberto Nisman’s death must not go unpunished. We must get to the bottom of this affair, no matter who falls.

    2015-02-18 by Carlos Alberto Montaner

  • Terrorist attacks in Paris

    The coming Islamism

    Radical Islam—for not saying jihadism—is incompatible with our way of life, values, and interests. Here and in any place in the world. The West and Islam do not match, unless we surrender and submit.

    2015-01-09 by Rafael Bardaji

  • Terrorist attacks in Paris

    We are all Charlie

    We must not forget on which side we are and who are our allies in the defense of the West and its values. Whether we admit it or not, the West is at war with an enemy who will not stop to destroy us. They have again shown it in the sangfroid crime to Charlie Hebdo.

    2015-01-08 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Past looms large in Islamist outlook

     Radical Islamists continue to stick to the story of Mohammed and his confused 7th Century.

    2014-09-03 by Carlos Alberto Montaner

  • IDC Herzliyah

    Speech to International Counterterrorism Conference

     Polls tell us that the majority of the British population, by 4:1, do not support intervention in Syria. I suspect the picture is similar in Europe and the United States.

    2013-09-09 by Colonel Richard Kemp

  • Nisman’s report

    The Little Ayatollah and The Prosecutor

    In his 500-page report, Nisman explains in his report how the Iranian regime organized an extensive terrorist network in Latin America whose goal was to promote the Islamic Revolution.

    2013-06-20 by Juan F. Carmona y Choussat