• A FoII Board Member

    Personal Update On Operation Protective Edge – Israel/Gaza

    Richard Kemp, one of the FoII Board members is in Israel playing a key role with his military expertise.

    2014-07-19 by Richard Kemp

  • Operation Protective Edge

    Brief Update on IDF Ground Incursion into Gaza #4

    At this point of time (three-to-four hours following IDF’s incursion), the real scope of the military operation remains unclear. In his statement, Prime Minister Netanyahu noted that if necessary the operation will be expanded.

    2014-07-18 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Operation Protective Edge

    Operation Update and Strategic Assessment #3

    As this report is finally edited, PA and Hamas officials are attempting to bridge the differences over the ceasefire agreement with Egyptian interlocutors in Cairo.

    2014-07-16 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Declaration by the Board

    In Defence of Israel and Against Terrorism

    Friends of Israel Initiative proposes that this conflict must be examined more objectively, with intellectual honesty and sound historical and political judgment

    2014-07-15 by Board members of Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Declaración de los miembros del Board de Friends of Israel Initiative

    En defensa de Israel y contra el terrorismo

    Friends of Israel Initiative propone que este conflicto sea examinado de manera más objetiva, con honestidad intelectual y un juicio histórico y político consistente.

    2014-07-15 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Strategic Update and Assessment

    The Fourth Day of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge #2

    The imminent Israeli decision-making on launching a land offensive into Gaza has also led to the beginning of international diplomatic efforts to prevent the offensive and bring about a cessation of hostilities.

    2014-07-12 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Published in The Jerusalem Post

    The opening of a Spanish consulate in Gaza


    Many issues that will presumably accompany the upcoming visit to Israel by the foreign minister of Spain, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo.

    2013-04-23 by Alan Baker

  • Spain’s Consul to Gaza

     Neither Spain’s economy nor the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s anorexic budget can afford such luxuries.

    2013-04-23 by Rafael Bardaji