Why the Allen Plan is Detrimental to Israel

Friends of Israel Initiative has gathered a serie of studies on the Allen Plan, that was debated by the Obama Administration during its last attempt to restart the peace process, which aimed to implement a new security regime in the West Bank upon establishing a Palestinian State. The Allen Plan seems to have some traction within the current one that the Trump Administration is drafting.

Although some parts of the Allen Plan are interesting and novel, it does not have any reference to the real main obstacle to peace, which is the Palestinian narrative that denies the existence of a Jewish people and the right of the Jews to have a state of their own on any grain of soil of mandatory Palestine and the difficulty of trusting them after 24 years of deceit and terror. The Allen Plan also ignores the inherent weakness of the Palestinian entity in case of an eventual establishment of an State; it underestimates the strategic security value of the Jordan Valley; it does not address properly the main threat to the stability of a future Palestinian State -the Islamist groups of the Middle East, and especially those under Iranian influence-; it poses the idea that the US will be actively involved as an ongoing mediator and as a force responsible for operational missions, which is a recipe for creating tensions between Israel and the United States; and it does not deal with the arrangements concerning Jerusalem, among other key problems of the Allen Plan. 

Therefore, this report is a detailed analysis and critique of the Allen Plan and why its application, in our view, will not fulfil the security requirements of Israel.


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