José María Aznar All we want is a normal and reasonable conversation about Israel. Surely, that is not too much to ask.
José María Aznar
Roberto Agostinelli Israel is a fundamentally important part of the Western world. It is a democracy under fire, and we must be resolute in defense of its legitimacy.
Roberto Agostinelli

Opinion Articles

House of Commons, London January 30th 2014

Presentation remarks by FoII/HJS on Report Value Added

Put Simply: Europe with Israel is safer, stronger, more prosperous and more innovative than one without it.

2014-01-31 by José María Aznar

The reputation assassination of a country

 Israel is a constant victim of these concerted attacks on her reputation. It is part of her enemies’ permanent offensive.

2014-01-03 by Carlos Alberto Montaner

Agreement on Iran nuclear program

Geneva: A Historic and Dangerous Agreement

In terms of nuclear infrastructure Iran is as close to getting the bomb in six months as it is today.

2013-12-02 by Rafael Bardaji

Working Papers

ADDED VALUE: Israel's Strategic Worth to the European Union and its Member States Friends of Israel Initiative

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30 January 2014

Report Launch: Added Value: Israel’s Strategic Worth to the EU and its Member States’

The Henry Jackson Society and The Friends of Israel Initiative in Report Launch ‘Added Value: Israel’s Strategic Worth to the EU and its Member States’

SPEAKER: José María Aznar, Former Prime Minister

06 November 2013

President Aznar’s remarks to Keren Hayesod

Keren Hayesod remarks, at Royal Tapestries Factory in Madrid, November 6th 2013