Perhaps, after the unsuccessful outcomes of the diplomatic interventions, now is the moment to innovate; or concretely, to delve into why the Palestinian side is unwilling to achieve peace and unable to build a nation-state. The strategy must obviously change. The international pressure should be directed to other major issues that Palestinians need to solve if they want to establish a viable nation. Peace, in sum, requires new approaches.

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  • The Urgency to Reshape the International Order

    The alarming rates of AntiSemitism and the rise of Radical Islam in Europe are both parts of the same problem

    Dispatch 30

    The UN has become a corrupt, anti-Israel, and anti-Western body, not longer efficient for liberal democracies.

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    Since September of last year, Israelis are suffering a wave of terror with 317 attacks (more than two per day) and 34 casualties. The new terrorist strategy, as it has been in the past, aims to make life unbearable for Israelis by threatening them in every corner of their cities and by impeding them to lead a normal life. These attacks, apparently uncoordinated and carried out by lone wolves, have been fueled by the constant and incendiary incitement from the Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders and its official media.

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  • The West Must Rethink the Strategy against Jihadism

    This new scenario is not only a matter of operational changes, but it is also about the perception that this war, though hard, is worth fighting for

    Dispatch 28

    We are at a historic turning point -as Jose Maria Aznar, chairman of the Friends of Israel Initaitve, has often explained. Thus, besides a battle of innovation and strategy, which we are ready to deliver, a political and moral battle has to be delivered as well.

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  • Dani Dayan Banned in Brasilia: The Discriminatory Attitude of Labeling People

    Brazil should get back on its intransigent position and realize that labeling people is not a proper policy from a democratic country.

    Dispatch 27


    Rejecting Dayan as Israeli ambassador supposes a discriminatory and undemocratic trend against Israel: labeling people. Labeling and lately banning Israelis promotes the agenda of radical groups that seek the end of Israel by non-military means.

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  • This is a War and We Have to Win It

    The Islamic State Must Be Defeated

    Dispatch 26


    The Friends of Israel Initiative strongly condemns these savage terrorist attacks and we express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to the French people. We stand with you now and ever. The Islamic State’s perpetrators murdered savagely and in cold blood innocent civilians who were just enjoying life in restaurants and concert halls. These attacks perfectly show the nature of the enemy we have to face. It is an enemy who does not value human life and who will not stop in the pursuit of its goals: To destroy the West and our way of life.

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