• Jerusalem Post, November 15

    What Is Wrong with Europe's "Iran Policy"?

    The Trump administration's decision, though unpopular with those in Europe seeking to do business with Iran, was a necessary step toward curbing a regime that fails to comply with the letter and the spirit of the JCPOA.

    2017-11-16 by Ambassador Giulio Terzi

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  • Jose Maria Aznar is honored by the Shalom Peace Award

    The Jewish National Fund of the USA gave the Shalom Peace Award to the Friends of Israel Initiative Chairman Jose Maria Aznar for his dedication to peace, humanity, and efforts on behalf of the State of Israel.

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  • Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, November 7

    Israel as a Strategic Asset of the West

    Israel has acted as a barrier against the further territorial expansion of the Islamic State and other Islamic terrorists in the region, including the protection of Jordan and Egypt. Israel?s actions to control IS expansion has also acted as a barrier against even greater waves of immigration into Europe from the eastern Mediterranean, critical to a continent reeling from uncontrolled immigration set in motion by instability across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

    2017-11-07 by Colonel Richard Kemp

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  • Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, November 5

    The Historical Paths to the Balfour Declaration

    While the achievement of the Balfour Declaration is acknowledged today, one hundred years later, it is important to review the extraordinary concatenation of events and pressures, high idealism and low manouevre, hopes and fears and dreams that brought about this accomplishment.

    2017-11-05 by Professor Andrew Roberts

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  • Majalla, November 4

    "Iran is the Greatest Threat to World Peace"

    "We have seen evidence in the past of cooperation between Iran and Al-Qaeda and indeed during the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran killed and facilitated the killing of many American and British soldiers, using Shia militias, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Lebanese Hizballah. Well over 1,000 American soldiers were killed in those two campaigns as well as many British soldiers."

    2017-11-04 by Interview with Colonel Richard Kemp

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  • Jewish News, October 31

    Declaration was the best thing Lord Balfour ever did

    At the end of his life, Balfour told his niece, Lady Rayleigh, that the Declaration was what he was proudest of in his very long public service career. One hundred years later, we can all agree with him.

    2017-10-31 by Professor Andrew Roberts

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  • PRESENTATION OF THE HLMG REPORT: "Hizballah's Terror Army: How to Prevent a Third Lebanon War"

    On October 25 the report was presented to the U.S. Congress, and was presented in a public event hosted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

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  • The Trump Administration's Next Moves on the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Lee Smith

    Working Paper 45

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  • The United Nations and the Arab-Palestinian Refugee Industry

    Dr. Asaf Romirowsky

    Working Paper 44

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    Jose Maria Aznar's remarks to the Jewish Federations of North America

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    Allen West: If Israel goes, Western civilization goes

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  • 28



    Brussels Presentation of our landmark report: "Fighting Terror Effectively: An Assessment of Israel Experience on the Home Front"

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