• The Weekly Standard, October 4

    Trump Not Expected to Certify Iranian Compliance with the Nuclear Deal

    Move would give Congress 60 days to reimpose nuclear-related sanctions on the Islamic republic.

    2017-10-04 by Lee Smith

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  • The National Interest, September 30

    Iran Wants America to Ignore Its Nuclear Ambitions

    Once the nuclear deal expires, Iran will ironically be much better positioned to move to nuclear weapons than it was before the deal was negotiated.

    2017-09-30 by Emily Landau

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  • The Hill, September 11

    Iran deal devotees try in vain to save a sinking ship

    A deliverable nuclear-weapons capability in the hands of Tehran's ayatollahs and the Revolutionary Guards, religious extremists supported by a fascist military, could make another 9/11 far deadlier than the first. This is not the time to light candles to Obama's Iran nuclear deal, but to snuff them out.

    2017-09-11 by Ambassador John Bolton

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  • National Review, August 28

    How to Get Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal

    Ambassador John Bolton proposes a plan to abrogate the execrable nuclear deal with Iran.

    2017-08-28 by Ambassador John Bolton

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  • International Business Times, August 21

    What Europe can learn from Israel in its war against vehicle attacks and lone wolf terror

    In Israel, you will find there is heavy presence of security, both uniformed and not, at major sites, as well as concrete reinforced barriers at key landmarks and bus stops, to prevent vehicular rammings.

    2017-08-21 by Colonel Richard Kemp and Arsen Ostrovsky

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  • The Threat of a Third Lebanon War Cannot Be Underestimated

    An upcoming war against Israel might be near and in addition to the military front, a new campaign to undermine Israel's right to defend itself against terror will surely emerge. The Friends of Israel Initiative is ready to take on this unfair campaign and defend that Israel's right to self-defense against Islamic terrorism should be praised and not jeopardized in the West since Israel's security is our own security.

    Dispatch 39


    • · Netanyahu in India: A Historic Visit, an Exemplary Friendship
    • · Allen West in the 2017 Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit
    • · Brussels Presentation of FOII-sponsored landmark report: Fighting Terror Effectively: An Assessment of Israel Experience on the Home Front
    • · Op-ed on how to fight the Islamic terrorism by learning from Israel

  • Allen West: If Israel goes, Western civilization goes

    The Friends of Israel Initaitve Board Member and Former Congressman Colonel Allen West addressed the 2017 Christians United for Israel (CUFI) summit in Washington DC last July 17, warning that pro-Arab activists in the US and abroad were working to erase Jewish history, and thus undermine the State of Israel.

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  • The United Nations and the State of Israel

    Joshua Muravchik

    Working Paper 43

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  • The United Nations and the Arab-Palestinian Refugee Industry

    Dr. Asaf Romirowsky

    Working Paper 44

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    Jose Maria Aznar's remarks to the Jewish Federations of North America

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    Allen West: If Israel goes, Western civilization goes

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    Brussels Presentation of our landmark report: "Fighting Terror Effectively: An Assessment of Israel Experience on the Home Front"

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